The region’s best business network

Business Billund is an independent organisation based in the town of Billund. Business Billund focuses on promoting business in Billund Municipality through specific development projects, professional business services and outreach activities, with a particular focus on the development of tourism.


We speak English

Don’t despair if your Danish is not up to scratch – our team of consultants at Business Billund are fluent in English too. And due to the international nature of many of the businesses in the region, most companies we make referrals to can also communicate in English.

So don’t let language be a barrier to you exploring your business idea with us – call Business Billund today on +45 7972 7202.

In conjunction with the municipality, Business Billund continuously strives to ensure the best possible conditions for entrepreneurs and established businesses in the following areas:

  • Conditions for establishing and running a successful business
  • Business land and premises
  • Infrastructure and development
  • Employees and labour
  • Training opportunities
  • Partners and networks
  • Growth plans and development
  • Exposure and visibility


Business Billund can give advice and guidance on:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth analysis
  • Networks
  • Subsidies
  • Tourism business


The Business Billund staff is available to discuss your business solutions and any advice or guidance is given with the utmost confidentiality. Read more about membership and benefits.